I´m freelancer graphic designer, since always fascinated in visual art and communication, from 10 years specialized in branding, editorial and web design. 
I’m originally from Poland (Trojmiasto) where I did first steps in a visual arts. In 2008 I moved to Aalborg, Denmark where I graduated in Graphic Design and Technology and get first professional experience in graphics. Since 2010 I’m living and working as a freelancer in Granada (Spain) making projects for clients from all over the Europe. 
I find inspiration in places where I live, people who surround me and in their culture. Communication with people is what motivate the most. If only I have some spare time I like to widen my skills related to visual art or creative craft in general (audiovisual production, videomapping, silkprinting, caligraphic). 
I hope you enjoy my work, If you have a project, collaboration or creative brief in mind I'd love to hear from you.
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